Chinchilla Bath Sand

Virtually dust-free, 100% natural volcanic mountain pumice preferred by Chinchillas


  • 5 ready to use pour packets provide chinchillas the perfect amount of sand for every bath
  • The only bath product with specific step-by-step instructions.
  • 28 oz.

Critter Bath Powder is the all natural mountain pumice in a fine dust grade to keep your critter clean and cuddly! Critter Bath Powder is perfect for dwarf hamsters and gerbils who love to take dust baths. Critter Bath Powder contains 14 oz. of bath dust, and works perfectly with Super Pet's Ceramic Dust Baths.
For: Hamsters Mice & Gerbils, Unusual Pets

Chinchillas need to take sand baths.
$5.19 ea
Chinchilla Bath Sand, 28 oz
$12.99 ea
Chinchilla Bath House