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Crittertrail One Hamster Gerbil Cage

Space-saving and economical, the colorful Crittertrail ONE hamster cage combines all of the features that make the Crittertrail Series so popular.

Uniquely designed and perfectly sized to fit all small pets from hamsters and gerbils to dwarf hamsters and mice. The bubble system makes it "E-Z" for tiny pets to climb, explore and control their movements inside the tubes and exercise wheels.

Airy coated wire gives high ventilation for the health of your little friend. Petting zone is fun for both kids and pets. When your pet is in the petting zone, it is easy to pick him up or offer him treats. Easy access to your pet from front door as well.

There are 6 add-on accessory locations on this cage, so add trails, mini homes, and other accessories to your heart's content.

Crittertrails One Hamster Cage Features:

  • Exercise Wheel
  • Water Bottle
  • Food Dish
  • Petting Zone
  • Deep Scatter-less Tray
  • Bubble Wave E-Z climbing tubes

Cage Dimensions: 10½" x 15½" x 11"H; Bar spacing = ¼"

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$26.39 ea
Crittertrail One for Hamsters & Gerbils ($26.39 plus $4.00 Oversized Shipping)