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Crittertrail Playpen with Mat

Ideal play area for all hamsters and gerbils.

CritterTrail® Playpen features 12 connectable wire panels. Includes protective mat for use on any type of floor. Use optional passageway connector to attach to any CritterTrail® home using Fun-nels accessories.

CritterTrail Playpen Features:

  • Includes a large 24' wide and 28" long protective mat to guard against messes
  • Comes with 12 connectable brightly colored 5.5 inch long and 9" high wire panels and safe .75" wire spacing. Can be assembled into many imaginative shapes.
  • Includes optional passageway connector and secure locking cap for connecting to any CritterTrail® home using CritterTrail Fun-nels (not included)
  • The CritterTrail Playpen quickly and easily breaks down for compact storage
$13.69 ea
Crittertrail Playpen W/ Mat