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Hamtrac & Critter Cruiser Vehicles

The exciting pet-powered exercise car for hamsters, gerbils and pet mice.

Create a safe, controlled exercise environment. Let Your hamster or gerbil run around the track. Hold timed races.

  • Cruiser runs on hamster power. Works on the track, on the floor, or just spinning in place.
  • Hamtrac works with all three sizes of Run-About balls (below) and the Cruiser Car. Includes 8 pieces of trac, - 4 curves, 4 straights.

Critter Cruiser for Hamtrac features four ways to play!

  1. Race 'em Around the Hamtrac
    Snap the Power Wheel into the lower position.  Remove the spoiler from the back and attach to the front of the race car, under the hood.  Place your hamster or gerbil inside and roll your cruiser onto the hamtrac.  You and your pet will enjoy the excitement of the race on the safest, most controlled exercise environment there is.
  2. Four on the Floor Freedom
    Snap the Power Wheel into the center position.  Place your small animal inside and let 'em experience the exhilaration of the open road as your little buddy cruises around the house.
  3. Free Wheeling Exercise Fun
    Simply snap the Power Wheel into the top position.  Place your hamster or gerbil  inside and your furry little friend will take off inside the safety of the stationary exercise spinner.
  4. Put the Pedal to the Metal Inside the Power Wheel
    Just unsnap the Power Wheel from the race car and place your pet inside.  Your hamster or gerbil will really get the big wheel turning as he powers the wheel around the house. 
Hamtrac on Track
Orders of multiple single packs will be billed at multiple pack rates where the number of individual items equals the multiple pack.
$14.49 ea
Critter Cruiser
$5.29 ea
Run About Ball Hamster
$53.99 ea
Small Animal Run-About Ball, 12 pack ($53.99 plus $15.00 Oversized Shipping)
$3.49 ea
Run about Mini Small Animal
$32.99 ea
Mini Small Animal Runabout, 12 pack ($32.99 plus $5.00 Oversized Shipping)