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Silent Spinners, Small Animal Silent Exercise Wheels

No more squeaky wheels.

Patented ball bearing technology makes these wheels super silent. Silent Spinners work two ways: free standing or attach directly to any wire cage. High quality plastic running surface is safe and comfortable for your furry friend's feet.

  • Mini is the workout wheel for dwarf hamsters and mice.
  • Regular is the workout wheel for hamsters, mice, and gerbils.
  • Large is the wonderful, whisper quiet workout wheel for pet rats and chinchillas

Available in blue, purple, red, and green. ((Sorry no choice of color)

Small Pets Need Exercise

Hamsters are very active. They can run up to 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) each day. Exercise burns off excess energy and calories, and it stimulates the intestinal tract and makes digestion easier. Always provide your hamster with some means to exercise to stay in good health. Exercise wheels and racers provide safe, invigorating exercise.

$7.69 ea
Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel, Mini (4.5" diameter)
$9.49 ea
Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel, Regular (6.5" diameter)
$19.99 ea
Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel, Large (12" diameter) ($19.99 plus $3.00 Oversized Shipping)