Health Supplies and Vitamins for Birds

Parakeet Gravel
A vitally important digestive and hygienic aid for all parakeets, cockatiels, Love-birds, and Parrots. Gravel is nature's substitute for a bird's teeth.
Keet Gravel
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Oyster Shells
Rich in calcium, all natural.
Oyster Shells
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Bird Protector Lice Deterrent
Protects your birds from lice and mites for months.
Bird Protector
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Vita-Sol Vitamins
Homogenized water soluble high potency vitamin concentrate.
Vita-sol Multi-vitamins
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Cuttle Bones
An important source of calcium and other necessary minerals for all caged birds.
Cuttle Bone
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Bird Bath Spray
Your bird will enjoy his little shower from heaven.
Bird Bath Spray
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Vionate Supplement
Contains 21 essential vitamins and minerals in a fortified corn base. Supplement for all pets. Mix with food or seed.
Vionate Bird Supplement
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