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Matrix Carbon
MatrixCarbon is a truly unique activated carbon. It is formed as a spherical bead for optimum hydrodynamics, and will not pack. It permits maximum water flow and contact with its high density of macroporous binding sites.
Seachem Matrix Carbon
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Stability Bio Tank Stabilization System
Avoid "New Tank Syndrome". Stability contains a synergistic blend of aerobic, anaerobic, and facultative bacteria which facilitate tank cycling.
Seachem Stability Bio Tank Stabilization System
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Seachem De Nitrate
De*nitrate™ removes nitrates, nitrites, ammonia, and organics from both fresh and marine water.
Seachem De-Nitrate Organic Absorbent
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Clarity Water Clarifier
Clarity™ will clear all types of clouding. It is the ultimate clarifier for both fresh and saltwater. It employs an advanced polymeric flocculating agent that is both reef and plant safe. Clarity™ is the only clarifier on the market that does it all!
Seachem Clarity Water Clarifier
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Seachem Purigen
Removes soluble and insoluble impurities from water at a rate and capacity that exceeds all others by over 500%
Seachem Purigen Impurity Absorbent
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Beads rapidly remove phosphate and silicate from marine and freshwater aquaria.
Seachem Phosguard Phosphate Remover
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Alkaline Buffer
What distinguishes Alkaline Buffer™ from other buffers is that it does not contain phosphates. This makes it ideal for the planted aquarium, where excess phosphate could contribute to undesirable algae growth. Designed for raising and stabilizing pH in the alkaline range of pH 7.4-8.4. It will safely raise pH with little danger of pH shock.
Seachem Alkaline Buffer
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Seachem Acid Buffer
Acid Buffer™ is phosphate/carbonate free buffer for lowering and stabilizing pH in the acid range of pH 4-6.8. It is designed primarily for freshwater use, is ideal for planted aquaria, and may be substituted for Discus Buffer™ wherever phosphate buffers may pose a problem (such as in high calcium waters or aquaria prone to undesirable algae growth).
Seachem Acid Buffer
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Discus Buffer
Discus Buffer adjusts water to any acid pH in the range of 5.8-6.8. It is totally phosphate based and is free of carbonates. It will also soften the water by removing calcium, magnesium, and other divalent cations as precipitates. A 250gm bottle treats over 800 gallons. Freshwater use only.
Seachem Discus Buffer
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Cichlid Lake Salt
Cichlid Lake Salt is a chemically sound blend of inorganic salts designed to simulate the natural waters of the rift lakes.
Seachem Cichlid Lake Salt
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Tanganyika Buffer
Tanganyika Buffer is a blend of carbonate salts designed to enhance the natural environment of Cichlids by increasing hardness, buffer capacity, and pH. It is formulated to maintain a pH of 9.0-9.4.
Seachem Tanganyika Buffer
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Malawi Victoria Buffer
Malawi/Victoria Buffer™ is a blend of carbonate salts designed to enhance the natural environment of cichlids by increasing hardness, buffer capacity, and pH. It is formulated to maintain a pH of 7.8-8.4.
Seachem Malawi / Victoria Buffer
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Neutral Regulator
Neutral Regulator adjusts pH to neutral and maintains it, softens and conditions, removes both chlorine and chloramine, promotes clarity, enhances and stabilizes the environment and benefits fish health.
Seachem Neutral Regulator
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Reef Advanatage Calcium
Designed to restore & maintain calcium to levels found in natural seawater. Maintains magnesium and strontium.
Seachem Reef Advanatage Calcium
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Reef Complete
Liquid ionic calcium source designed to restore and maintain calcium to levels found in natural seawater without affecting pH.
Seachem Reef Complete
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Marine Buffer
Designed to adjust pH to 8.3 and maintain both pH and alkalinity (KH). Contains magnesium to alleviate precipitation effects and contains borate for added stability. Can be used safely in reef tanks.
Seachem Marine Buffer
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Reef Calcium
Liquid organic calcium source intended to maintain calcium in the reef aquarium without altering pH (formulated at pH 8.2). Maintains calcium and accelerates coral growth.
Seachem Reef Calcium
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Reef Builder
A blend of carbonate sources, Reef Builder raises carbonate alkalinity without immediately impacting on pH. Will not deplete calcium, magnesium, or strontium.
Seachem Reef Builder
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Reef Strontium
Reef Strontium™ is intended to restore and maintain strontium to levels found in natural seawater without affecting pH. Strontium is utilized in the same manner as calcium and holds a similar importance in maintaining a vigorous level of growth
Seachem Reef Strontium
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Seachem Prime
It is the complete and concentrated conditioner for both fresh and salt water and removes chlorine, chloramine and ammonia. No other product is required to make new water safe. Use at start-up and whenever adding or replacing water. Use during tank cycling to alleviate ammonia/nitrite toxicity.
Seachem Prime
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Stress Guard
Premium slime coat protection product that reduces stress and ammonia toxicity whenever handling or transporting fish. StressGuard™ binds to exposed protein in wounds to promote healing of injured fish and to reduce the likelihood of primary and secondary infections. Antiseptic for fish. Promotes healing. For both marine and freshwater.
Stress Guard
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Reef Plus
Full spectrum reef supplement containing trace elements, vitamins, and amino acids demonstrated to have a positive impact on the growth of corals and other desirable reef creatures.
Seachem Reef Plus
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Reef Iodide
Reef Iodide™ is a concentrated (8,000 mg/L) stabilized potassium iodide source for reef aquaria that will restore and maintain iodide levels to those found in natural sea water.
Seachem Reef Iodide
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Superior Copper paraciticide for use in both Freshwater and Marine tanks. Treats external parasites It is non-acidic, less toxic to fish, remains in solution, and does not contaminate the filter bed. 100% removable with carbon or Cuprisorb.
Seachem Cupramine
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Reef Dip
Coral disinfectant that contains elemental iodine complexed to a protective slime coat for safely and gently disinfecting corals. It is effective against bacteria, fungus, and protozoans. Good for use before introducing new corals.
Seachem Reef Dip
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Reef Advantage Magnesium
A concentrated, blended, ionically balanced magnesium source designed to restore depleted levels of magnesium with minimal impact to the ionic ratios found in natural sea water. Contains NO Ammonia. Is vitally important in preventing ionic imbalance.
Seachem Reef Advantage Magnesium
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SeaGel™ is a blend of MatrixCarbon™ and PhosGuard™. MatrixCarbon™ is an ultracapacity carbon for the removal of organic and color impurities. PhosGuard™ is a powerful remover of phosphate, silicate, toxic metals, and acids. Both components are bead-shaped for optimum water flow characteristics and penetration. The components enhance each other.
Seachem SeaGel
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Seachem Reef Carbonate
Concentrated (4,000 meq/L) optimized blend of carbonate and bicarbonate salts designed to restore and maintain carbonate alkalinity (KH) in the reef aquarium.
Seachem Reef Carbonate
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Seachem Focus
Focus™ is an antibacterial polymer for internal infections of fish. Treats fungal and bacterial infections. It may be used alone or mixed with other medications to make them palatable to fish and greatly reduce the loss of medication to the water through diffusion. For use in freshwater or marine aquaria.
Seachem Focus
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Reef Buffer
Reef Buffer™ is intended primarily for use in a reef system where the maintenance of a pH of 8.3 is often difficult. Raises the pH of your reef system to 8.3 without fear of accidentally overshooting the pH to a dangerous level. Raises pH and carbonate alkalinity together. pK (8.6) allows for greater pH stability in a reef system where the bioload is significantly more than in a fish only system.
Seachem Reef Buffer
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