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Economy Reptile Clamp Lamp
Clamp Lamp in new packaging

Zoo Med Economy Clamp Lamp

Economy clamp lamps are the perfect way to provide affordable lighting for your reptiles.
  1. Less Expensive!
  2. Comes with 8 1/2" aluminum reflector and six foot power cord.
  3. Great for use with Zoo Med's Basking Spots, Repti Infrared Basking Spots, Daylight Blue and Nightlight Red bulbs.
  4. Safety Clamp secures lamp to terrarium (for extra safety, use the Zoo Med Repti Lamp Stand).
  5. For use only with incandescent lamps up to 150 watts.

Approx Size: Diameter: 8.5"; Length: 7.25"

See our convenient Lamp Stand

$12.69 ea
ZooMed Econ Clamp Lamp
Convenient Lamp Stand
$23.19 ea
ZooMed Repti Lamp Stand
$19.69 ea
Economy Lamp Stand