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Crittertrails Water Bottle

Fits Crittertrails One, Two and Three units

The CritterTrail Water Bottle has been specifically designed for CritterTrail homes. The Water Bottle has a removable metal chew resistant tip that can be removed for filling the water bottle with cool water. Remember never to squeeze your water bottle when trying to empty out any remaining water. Gently tap the water out because squeezing can cause the bottle to crack and leak. You can also add a second CritterTrail Water Bottle to your pet's home if you need to close an opened accessory hole on the CritterTrail roof top.

The new Deluxe Water Bottle fits all CritterTrail homes and its premium design includes Super Pet's unique drip-resistant spring-loaded sipper.

$4.99 ea
Crittertrail Deluxe Water Bottle