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Cages for Hamsters & Gerbils

Three Story Cages
Bright and airy, this wire cage is hard for your small animal to destroy and provides hours of endless fun and exercise.
3 Story Wire Hamster / Gerbil / Mouse Cage
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Crittertrail One
Space-saving and economical, the colorful Crittertrail ONE hamster cage combines all of the features that make the Crittertrail Series so popular.
Crittertrail One Hamster Gerbil Cage
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Crittertrail X
Newest eXtreme Activity Home for hamsters, gerbils, mice
Crittertrail X Extreme Hamster Gerbil Cage
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Crittertrail Two
Crittertrail Two has two full levels of living space for critters.
Crittertrail Two Hamster Gerbil Cage
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Crittertrail Funnels and Connectors
Create a huge CritterTrail playground with additional, colorful accessories for endless hours of critter fun.
Crittertrails Funnels & Connectors
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Comfort Wheels
Comfort wheels are super silent and have a solid running surface to provide a safe exercise source for your little friend. No risk to gerbils, hamsters or tiny mouse feet and limbs. No squeaky wheel sounds.
Small Animal Comfort Wheels
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Kritter Keeper Carriers
Light-weight plastic rectangular enclosures are a versatile, space-saving retreat for various species of the animal kingdom.
Kritter Keepers Pet Carriers
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Kritter Keeper Carriers
Round Kritter Keepers fish aquarium and small animal cages on matching pedastals. Perfect for small fish, small animals and traveling.
Kritter Keepers With Pedestals
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Crittertrails Water Bottles
Fits Crittertrails One, Two and Three units
Crittertrails Water Bottle
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