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Cat Repellents

fabric cat c-ecollars
The newest innovation in post-surgical recovery collars. You've never seen any other fabric-based collar work like this.
EZ Soft Elizabethan Collars for Cats
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End urine marking and scratching!
Feliway Spray
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Sticky Paws Keep Cats off Furniture
Cats hate 'em! People love 'em! Helps stop your cat from scratching furniture.
Sticky Paws
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Staway Cat Deterrent
Protect the Christmas tree! Safely and humanely protects your furniture, potted plants, countertops, and almost any other area of your home.
Stayaway Automatic Pet Deterrent
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Pawz Away Spray Deterrent
Monitors your pets activities approaching off-limits areas and startles them away
Pawz Away Spray Pet Deterrent
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Scat Mats
Designed to assist in the home training of both dogs and cats, scat mats discourage unwanted contact with furniture, counter tops, window sills, areas around plants, garbage cans, and Christmas trees etc.
Scat Mats & Scat Mat Accessories
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