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Rawhide Bones

American USA Rawhide
100% Made in the USA following strict GFSI food quality standards, Pet Factory's 100% American Beefhide chews provide unsurpassed quality combined with full flavor.
American Made White Rawhide Knotted Dog Bones
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Bulk Rawhide Bones
100% natural, chemical free!! beef hide knotted bone.
Bulk Natural Rawhide Bones
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Rawhide Retriever Rolls
Thick and chewy, these rolls are a dog's delight.
Rawhide Retriever Rolls
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Pressed Rawhide Bones
Lasts up to 5 times longer than regular rawhide because it is compressed so tightly. Heavier and more dense than regular rawhide. You'll be surprised at how heavy they are.
Pressed Rawhide Bones
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Bully Stick Rawhide Bones
By popular demand we now offer 12" Bully Sticks!
12" Bully Sticks
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Braided Bully Sticks
These natural steer muscles are lightly smoked, braided and roasted in their natural juices.
Braided Bully Sticks
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White Twist Rawhide
100% protein. 100% fun!
5" White Twist Rawhide
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