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Dental / Toothbrush Kits
Using the complete line of Dental products will improve your pet's health as well as breath.
Dental Kits For Dogs & Cats
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Dog Breath Spray
Easy to use spray helps kill germs in the mouth that cause plaque and bad breath.
Petrodex Breath Spray
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Petrodex Dental Rinse
Called C.E.T Dental Rinse at your Veterinarian's office, this easy-to-use squirt bottle helps kill germs in the mouth that cause bad breath. Leaves a protective coating on the teeth to reduce the accumulation of plaque and tarter.
Petrodex Dental Rinse
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Dental Chews by Petrodex
Called C.E.T Dental Chews at your veterinarians office these great tasting chew strips contain a patented anti-bacterial Enzyme to reduce plaque and prevent tartar as well as freshen your dog's breath as well as a clinically.
Petrodex Dental Chews
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Tooth Scalers
Clean your pet's teeth with ease.
Tooth Scalers
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