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Colorful Comfort Elizabethan Collars
New Padded, Colored E-Collar is the best value in Elizabethan Collars.
Comfort E-Collar
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Stethoscopes monitor heart, lungs, pregnancy.
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Tooth Scalers
Clean your pet's teeth with ease.
Tooth Scalers
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Pill Splitters
Easily splits all types of pills in half and conveniently tips one portion out.
Veterinary Pill Splitter
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Electric Nail Grinders by Oster
The new nail grinder makes trimming your dog's nails painless and fast.
Oster Electric Nail Grinder
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Teramycin Antibiotic
Treats primary and secondary infections of eyes in dogs.
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Get Naked Joint Sticks
An all natural Chew that helps improve mobility, relieve joint pain and inflammation, and cleans and freshens breath. Soy free, wheat free and corn free.
Get Naked Grain Free Chicken Joint Sticks
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Opthalmic Gel
Vetericyn® Opthalmic Gel is formulated to relieve irritated, stinging or itchy eyes caused by pollutants and foreign material as well as bacteria, viruses, or fungi. Steroid- and antibiotic-free, Vetericyn eye gel kills bacteria in 30 seconds and is intended for use on eyes with intact corneas.
Vetericyn® Opthalmic Gel
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Dental / Toothbrush Kits
Using the complete line of Dental products will improve your pet's health as well as breath.
Dental Kits For Dogs & Cats
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Dog Breath Spray
Easy to use spray helps kill germs in the mouth that cause plaque and bad breath.
Petrodex Breath Spray
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Petrodex Dental Rinse
Called C.E.T Dental Rinse at your Veterinarian's office, this easy-to-use squirt bottle helps kill germs in the mouth that cause bad breath. Leaves a protective coating on the teeth to reduce the accumulation of plaque and tarter.
Petrodex Dental Rinse
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Air Tite Syringes
LATEX FREE! Polypropylene syringes Sterile, non-toxic, nonpyrogenic, autoclavable syringes. Leur\Lock needle mount. Calibrated in Cubic cc and mm.
Air-Tite Syringes
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Kwik Stop Styptic
For use on dogs, cat, and birds.
Kwik Stop
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Heavy Duty Nail Clippers
Stainless Steel pliers-type clipper with non-slip handles and a spring for a clean, fast clip.
Heavy Duty Pliers-type Dog Nail Trimmers
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Corticare Hydrocortisone Products
Irritation and inflammation relief in a safe, gentle and non-stinging shampoo, lotion or spray for dogs, cats, and horses.
Corti-care Hydrocortisone Shampoo, Spray & Lotion
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Allercaine Spray
Tomlyn's Allercaine spray calms, soothes, and helps give temporary relief of pain and itching of insect bites and other minor allergic problems.
Allercaine Spray
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Linatone Plus Food Supplements
Essential fatty acids with protein and zinc to help stop shedding and promote lustrous, vibrant coats and healthy skin.
Linatone Plus Daily Food Supplement
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Potty Mouth Stool Eating Supplements by Four Paws
Potty Mouth Coprophagia Prevention tablets help stop your puppy or dog from consuming its own feces or the feces of other dogs who have taken the tablets.
Potty Mouth Coprophagia Prevention Tablets
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Nutristat Supplement
Formulated with Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids.
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Nutrical Supplement
Nutrical provides supplemental caloric and nutritional intake in dogs and cats.
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Lambert Kay Shed Relief
Lambert Kay Shed Relief helps stop excess shedding
Lambert Kay Shed Relief (Dog & Cat)
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Oster Nail Grinder Replacement Parts
Oster Nail Grinder Replacement Parts
Bands, drums and dressing stones for new and old style Oster Nail Grinders
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