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Heated Dog Beds

Self-Warming Dog Beds
Your dog stays warm without the need for electricity. The inside pillow is lined with metalized insulation that traps and sends heat back to your pet. Great for everyday use when the sky is grey and temperatures chilly. This pet bed is also great for travel where electricity is inconvenient.
Self-Warming Dog Beds
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Soft Heated Dog Beds
This heated pet bed is designed for daytime outdoor dogs. You know the ones: The pet that's typically indoors with the family but has to move to the cold garage, kennel or basement when the owners are off to work during the day.
Soft Outdoor Heated Dog Bed & Dog House Heater
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 Akoma Hound Warmers
This waterproof heating pad is great for overnight stays at hotels, traveling on those cold fall/winter days, cold duck boat and even doubles as a car seat heater.
Hound Heater Warmer 12 Volt Heatd Dog Bed
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Heated Snuggly Bed
Warm, cozy, washable heated pet bed.
Thermo Snuggly Sleeper Heated Pet Beds
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Heated Dog Beds Pads for Igloo Style Dog Houses
The perfect accessory for your Dogloo or Indigo dog house.
Igloo-Style Heated Dog House Pad
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Orthopedic Thermo Heated Beds
Warm and cozy, thick and supportive heated pet bed.
Orthopedic Thermo Pet Bed
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Lectro Kennel Heated Pads
Heating pad keeps pets warm indoors or out.
Lectro-Kennel Dog House And Pet Bed Heating Pad
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Heated Bed Warmers
Like sleeping near the hearth. The heating element fits into your pet's current bed and turns it into a winter delight. Just remove it for summer sleeping.
Pet Bed Warmer- Heating Insert
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Lectro Thermo Heated Beds for Small Dogs
We all know that cats love warmth, and this heated pet bed is just the prescription for winter blues.
Lectro Thermo Kitty And Small Pet Bed
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Snuggle Safe Bed Heaters
Just a few minutes in the microwave for all night warmth.
Snuggle Safe Microwave Heat Pad
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Outdoor Heated Beds
Warm bed is great for strays and feral cats too!
Outdoor Heated Kitty Pad
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Thermo Window Sill Beds
Everyone loves a room with a view. Heated window sill perch gives your cat a bird's eye view of the world.
Thermo Kitty Sill Heated Window Perch
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