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Scat Mats

Scat Mats
Designed to assist in the home training of both dogs and cats, scat mats discourage unwanted contact with furniture, counter tops, window sills, areas around plants, garbage cans, and Christmas trees etc.
Scat Mats
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Tattle Tale Area Protectors
No more pets on the furniture or in the garbage. No more going into forbidden rooms while you're not looking.
Tattle Tale Area Protector
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Cat Stop
Discourage cats (and many dogs) from your furniture, cabinets or gardens.
Cat Stop! Ultrasonic Repellent
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Critter Gitter Repellents
Automatically repels animals from lawns and gardens with sonic outburst.
Critter Gitter Sonic Animal Deterrent
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Pet Agree Sonic Trainers
This hand-held device is designed to assist in the home training of both dogs and cats, to help in repelling unwanted advances of strange dogs, to help control unwanted barking, and many other useful behavior modifications.
Pet Agree Sonic Pet Trainer
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