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Eshopps Refugiums
3rd Generation, high quality acrylic refugiums for professional reef and salt water tanks. Two separate water chambers, one for the refugium and one for skimmer chamber. Enables water to travel through each compartment separately. Offers enhanced natural aquarium filtration.
Eshopps 3rd Generaton Refugiums
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Coralife Aquarium Chiller
Coralife Aquarium Chillers provide accurate temperature control. Programmable LED display, Adjustable inlet and outlet. Non-corroding heat exchanger. The resuable air filter keeps contaminants away from the cooling unit to ensure efficiency and longevity of the motor. For tanks up to 125 gallons.
Coralife Aquarium Chiller
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Kritter Keeper Carriers
Round Kritter Keepers fish aquarium and small animal cages on matching pedastals. Perfect for small fish, small animals and traveling.
Kritter Keepers With Pedestals
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Aquatop Dual Display Digital Aquarium Heaters
The D2HT Digital Heater Series features a highly visible dual temperature display, an easy-to-use temperature control button, and a separately attached temperature sensor to provide a stable temperature environment for your aquatic life.
Dual Display Digital Aquarium Heaters by Aquatop
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