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Reptile Heating

Under Tank Heaters
The Repti-Therm® line of under tank heaters are designed to heat the ambient (inside) air temperature of your terrarium a minimum of 5-10 degrees warmer than room temperature.
Zoo Med Reptitherm® Under Tank Heaters
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Ceramic Heat Emitters
A porcelain heating device that screws into a standard porcelain incandescent socket.
Zoo Med Repticare® Ceramic Heat Emitters
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Daylight Blue Heat Lamps
Zoo Med Daylight Blue Reptile Bulb is a full spectrum bulb for heating reptile or amphibian terrariums.
Zoo Med Daylight Blue Heat Lamps
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Halogen Heat Lamps
Super high quality halogen lamps specifically made for reptile use
Halogen Heat Lamps For Reptiles
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Nightlight Red Heating Bulbs
Ideal 24 hour heat source for all types of reptiles, amphibians, birds or small animals.
Nightlight Red Reptile Bulb
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Rock Heaters
The ReptiCare® Reptile Rock heater is designed to duplicate the natural basking process of all lizards and snakes.
Zoo Med Repticare® Rock Heaters
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Infra Red Heat Lamps
Ideal 24 hour heat source for all types of reptiles, amphibians, birds or small animals.
Nocturnal Infrared Heat Lamp
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Reptitemp Thermostats
Precise temperature control in your reptile habitat anywhere from 70 degrees to 110 degrees F.
Reptitemp Remote Sensor Thermostat
Reptitemp Thermostats
Basking Spot Bulbs
The Repti Basking Spot Lamp has a unique, patented "double reflector dome".
Zoo Med Repti™ Basking Spot Bulbs
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Thermometers and Humidity
Professional breeder quality, with large, easy-to-read numbers both in Fahrenheit and Celcius.
Zoo Med Reptile Thermometer And Humidity Indicators
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